Tractor front weight 45kg CA45

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The tractor earth weight compensates for the additional weight overload caused by the use of rear or front attachments.
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Materials: Cast iron, tractor mass adaptable to :Case Farmall 70-95Case Farmall 65ACase Farmall 65ACase Farmall 75ACase Farmall 65C-95C PlatformCase Farmall 65C-95C StraddleCase Farmall 75N-95NCase Farmall 85U-105UCase Farmall 110A-140ACase Puma 115-155Case Puma 160-230Case Magnum 180-340Case Steiger 335-600Case JX55-JX95Case JX1060C-JX1095CCase JX1075NCase JX1075NCase JX1095NCase JX1080U-JX1100UCase JX80U-JX100UCase MXM120-MXM190Case MXU100-MXU135Case MAXXUM 110-140Case MX210-MX305Case Steiger 335-535New Holland T9.390-T9.670New Holland TJ280-TJ530
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